NY Footprints event

We received photos of a recent event from photographers Roberta Bayley and Godlis.

(Debbie Harry and Roberta)

The event was held at I Need More, R&R fashion store located in Lower East Side of NYC, the same place where Roberta and Godlis have their photographs displayed on the walls. The owner Jimmy has been good friends with Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry from Blondie, and so this Footprint event was held to honor their achievements.

(Iggy, Debbie, Jimmy and other people at the event shot by Godlis)

Crowd of people including Chris Stein on Blondie, Duff McKagun from Guns and Roses, Henry Rollings and Jim Jarmusch; Godlis told us the event was a little wild with so many people in the store, but "just Magnificent" nevertheless.