John Holmstrom on New York Times

PUNK Magazine's John Holmstrom has been interviewed by New York Times, for the article which was published online in the late April.

John in his apartment.

New York Times
"What It’s Like Self-Isolating in a Studio Apartment"

The article shows various life of regular New Yorkers in their studio apartments during quarantine of recent Coronavirus situation. John has been in his East Village apartment since 70s surrounded by collection of comic books, DVD/CD and many samples from past licensing merchandise; although other people in the article looks like having a tough time by self-isolating themselves, John, being artist working in his place for long, just does his own thing as usual!
And he updated his weblog in response to the article, showing just some of many merchandise; apparels and accessories, motorcycle helmets, and even album covers of Japanese punk band 50-Kaitenz...! You could see all that and more from below: