Godlis@Dead Boys Live

Out of all the photos of 70s New York Punk bands that photographer Godlis captured, Dead Boys look particularly cool in his trademark grainy B&W images. deadboys01

Dead Boys were only active for a few years back then, however, their sound and look were so unique, and their stage was so powerful, left huge influence on later punk bands.


Godlis was one of a few people captured their live act in real time; above photo is another one, from 1977, at CBGB...

...with Stiv Bator lying down on stage and a guy shooting video camera right in front of stage.

From this photo, someone found a surprising fact, which was posted on Godlis's instagram:

Kloster brothers, good friends of Godlis who run a video studio, was watching the video of Dead Boys live at CBGB in 1977, figured out that the above photo by Godlis was taken on the same night. Not only that, they found a ghost in the darkness behind the stage, a young Godlis himself!


This was shared on Godlis' Instagram, with him commenting on brothers' work "Move over Phillip Marlow"; great job indeed! Their detective work brought us some fun, quarantine is not bad after all!

Check out other posts on Godlis Instagram as his "quarantine digging" of past photos continues. Godlis Instagram