Andrew Maclear exhibit and workshop

We would like to share the 360 degree virtual tour of Andrew Maclear's photo exhibition:

As you see, Andrew's masterpieces of 1960's Swinging London are lined up all over the wall of Cas Retratista, the gallery located in Mallorca where Andrew lives.

And here is the video from the workshop held on May 15th:

At the workshop, Andrew taught the participants how to shoot like pro:
"The workshop went very well, it was good fun. We put together a band of six or seven local musicians and the workshop participants photographed the band. They were all using analogue cameras. At the end the band stood in the doorway of a very beautiful church and we did a kind of album cover."


Andrew at the gallery. The one with blurred background is by the gallery owner Gaizka Taro, with his plate camera.

Hope we can all learn from Andrew someday how to photograph like him!