Godlis becomes film

Street Photographer Godlis is a movie buff; and it is pretty obvious that it has to be the reason why he has been a official photographer of the annual New York Film Festival since 1980s, shooting all that ceremonies and movie stars on the red carpet.

So every year he would be busy running around with his camera at the festival; however, it would be him on the silver screen this year. There has been a announcement of a short film about Godlis will be shown at the NY Film Festival!

SHOTS IN THE DARK is a 7 min animated short by genius Kloster brothers, good friends of Godlis. It is a documentary about how Godlis has achieved what seems to be almost impossible; "shots" all those punk musicians of 70s "in the dark" of the night, without the use of flash, which later became his first photo book "HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT". Kloster brothers cut and chopped the photographs and made them into animation in a very punk, DIY way, which you can see in the teaser on the Instagram:

It looks amazing, funny and cute, all at the same time! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

And there is another news from Godlis; his new photo book has been completed!

GODLIS STREET, just as the name, is a compilation of Godlis' street photographs that he has been shooting for several decades on the streets of New York, Boston and Miami. Full of humor, pathos and coolness in both subjects and how he shot them, makes every photo mesmerizing.
This too, we can not wait its release in November!!