Morrison & Co., Ltd. have been handling Trademarks and logos that are unique and special in their qualities. These belong to our licensors - renowned corporations and the venues, and the artists - that are often influential world-widely and have been winning numerous acclaims over the time, by being epoch-making in their own fields. Their historical/cultural backgrounds, as well as their identities, make their trademarks/logos truly authentic, with the presence unable to imitate or duplicate by others.

Together with manufacturers, we have been working on to produce the quality licensed merchandise bearing such trademarks/logos; and through strategic marketing, we are hoping to enhance and reintroduce these brands, appeal to the much broader audience in the market.

Those of who have experienced these brands in first hands would be appreciating it in a whole new ways when they see our licensing merchandise bearing the trademarks/logos they are familiar with.

It will be a nice way of introduction of these brands to the people just get interested in these trademarks/logos on the merchandise, providing the starting point for them to familiarize themselves with deep historical/cultural background that each licensor has.

Morrison & Co., Ltd. would like to continue to introduce such historical/cultural icons through licensing business.

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