Roberta Documentary screening/Q&A

We have asked photographer Roberta Bayley how it went with the online screening of her documentary and the talk show which happened last month, and she sent us the link to the whole show!


The program started with introduction of Roberta, followed by the documentary and the live Q&A with Roberta answering questions from the viewer.
The screening was on the St. Patrick Day, so naturally, Roberta was wearing green; the green wig! She looks lovely with the wig and the glasses.

In the documentary Roberta talks about how it was like to be in the NY downtown music scene of 70s, and how she was able to capture all those photographs that now she is famous for.

Q&A after the film was just as informative and fun to watch; there are many questions from the viewers that are not covered in the documentary, and Roberta is very open and answering each question.

Q&A is about an hour long, and it is worth watching; here is one of the questions and her answer:

Q: Anyone you bumped into unexpectedly and had to take photograph?

Roberta: I went to this party for a magazine, and both William Burroughs, who I photographed there, and I have a very nice photograph of him, and Bruce Springsteen was there too! So I went up to Bruce and said "Hi, I'm from PUNK Magazine, can I take your picture?" and he stand there with his hand in front of his face!

William S. Burroughs shot by Roberta

Well, sorry about Bruce, but here is a very nice photo of the Beat author William S. Burroughs by Roberta!

And here is the link to the whole show, online screening/Q&A with Roberta:

Roberta Bayley: She Just Takes Photographs