Godlis slide show

Street photographer Godlis had online slide show the other day.
He talked about each photo he showed, and then answered questions from the audience.

In the 4-part slide show, he explained the photos and some background episodes about them.
The story about Benita photo from the last entry was also in this slide show, about 6 min from the beginning.

Godlis answering questions from his head quarter.

In the Q&A, he answered the questions from audience in real time, such as these:

Q: What was your last night at CBGB like?

Legendary live venue CBGB in New York downtown was known as the birthplace of punk and new wave, and although there had been so many fans from all over the world visited there, it closed its door in 2006.
Godlis was there almost every night back in 70s, shot his masterpieces which became his first photo book HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT.

"Oh, I wasn't there for the last night of the CBGB... I was in Japan, for an exhibition for Anges b. Agnes b. sent bunch of us photographers, me, Roberta Bayley... we were all in Tokyo for this show."
"Me and Roberta listened to it on the laptop, they broadcasted the show. So we listened to the last show of the CBGB in Tokyo, and Roberta who worked at the front door of CBGBs back in the day, she was like "This is my time to be CBGB!" We listened to Patti Smith playing live in 9 in the morning over cup of coffee, while NY in 9 in the evening"

Godlis Tokyo selfies in October 2006.

Q: Have you ever shot a movie?

Godlis loves movies, and that might have been a reason for him being the official photographer for the Annual New York Film Festival for decades.

"No, but I love movies, so I had a choice at one point to be a photographer or to be a film maker, and I went photographer...
But I am in the movie, this guy, Alex Ross Perry who is a film maker that I liked, asked me to be in his film Her Smell, Elizabeth Moss is the star...and Eric Stortz!
I said Alex, I'm not an actor... you would think anybody would notice, but Alex said in-people would know, and they showed it at the New York Film Festival."

Photos by Godlis, at the sets of Her Smell, Elizabeth Moss and Eric Stortz.

Her Smell is 2018 movie about a come-back of a charismatic but self-destructive punk rocker.
And Godlis is in this movie as a photographer shooting the band on stage.
Anyone at the NYFF would know who he is, and anyone who knows about Godlis shot all those musicians at CBGB back in 70s would go "oh my god!"

Photographer Godlis, as the photographer in Her Smell!

"It was funny, because it was at the (NYFF's) party I was photographing and as soon as I held my camera up like this, "oh my god! You were in Her Smell!", someone recognized that."

So just as the director of the movie predicted!
If you have a chance to see this film, look for Godlis toward the end of the movie!