John Holmstrom newsletter

PUNK Magazine's John Holmstrom posted a recent entry on his blog about the podcast interview and his new newsletter.


In the interview, he talks about the life as an artist and as an editor for magazines.
He looks good and healthy in the above photo from the podcast page, and he sounds even better on the podcast!
You can sign up for his newsletter from the link on his blog, and you would be receiving the stories about his artworks.


The recent one is about his comic strip "JOE" and the history of parody and "swipe" in comics.
He explains that his father was an artist too and drew in several different illustration styles, and
"it seemed to me that any good cartoonist/illustrator should be able to swipe art styles".
There are links to some of those parody comics and artists that gave John certain influences, interesting stuff!
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